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JOIN US FROM NOV 21ST - 27TH, 2016 

Seven powerful days of total immersion, beauty and over 30 inspirational speakers. Learn strategies, success tools and secrets you can consistently use to create massive impact and influence while generate lasting, positive change for the betterment of the world.



Health & Wellness. Business. Building Your Brand. Feminine Leadership. Sexuality & Womb Wisdom. Dance & Movement. Getting National Media Exposure. Spiritual Connection & Fulfillment. Speaking Your Soul's Message on Stage. 

Monday, Nov 21st, 2016

Guided Meditation and Channelled Healing. 2-5pm

Jill Prescott

Jill Prescott will lead a meditation for the group that will take each woman you back to her true essence; a place of personal discovery and deep inner knowledge. Following the meditation is where the real magic occurs. Whether you have a regular mediation practice or this is your first introduction to it, you will have the exact perfect experience in alignment with what your heart and soul are calling for. And finally, remember that even when we do our soulful work, playfulness and joy are incredible healers, so you can expect there will be a few laughs along the way as well! (Also, miracles. Expect those too.)

Live From An Awakened Heart

2pm - 4pm

Elizabeth Stomp

Understanding Your Mystical Self. In this workshop you will experience what it means to fully 'live from an awakened heart'; which is the understanding, normalizing and integration of your mystical and divine self into your humanity.

Spirituality, Conscious Motherhood and the Fierce, Grace Way. 2-4pm

Catarina Andrade

Renew, balance, heal, and transform in the vibration of the nurturing “Ma” energy of the divine mother. This 2 hour playshop blends kundalini yoga, meditation, mantra, dance, and the sacred sound current to activate your heart chakra and connect you to mother earth and the divine mother. Moving beyond polarity, self-doubt, and negative thinking, you will embody Fierce Grace and come home to your infinite heart power. Read more info here.

Enhancing your Personal Development: An Introduction to the Enneagram. 2-4pm

Kelly Keegan 

We will cover an introduction to what the Enneagram is, why it’s useful and how/ways it's used. We'll also go into a brief history of the system, mindfulness practice and group exercise. 

Liberate the Wild Woman and Learn to Lead Instinctively With Your Wild Side. 4- 6pm

Mariah Freya

Over the centuries women have skillfully learned how to imprison the Wild Woman within. What if we could let go of those mental bars that keep the wild woman locked up? And finally start leading our life and tribe from a place of authentic power, instinct, and freedom? The Wild Woman knows her powers. She is strong but at the same time naked and vulnerable - because there is no need to cover herself up. She wears red flowers around her hips to symbolise her connectedness to nature and to her sexuality. What if we could let go of those mental bars that keep the wild woman locked up? And finally start leading our life and tribe from a place of authentic power, instinct, and freedom?

"Spirit, Mind & Money: Uniting Sacred Service with Abundant Success". 4-6pm

Dawn DelVecchio

In this breakout session we will create a sacred container of sisterhood ... a space in which each woman can feel safe to dive deeply into her SELF and connect with each other authentically. We'll be exploring the interrelationship of Sacred Service & Abundant Success as an Awakened Woman. Expect dancing, eye-to-eye & heart-to-heart connecting, an exploration of beliefs, and some time to access the wisdom of the TAROT for a journey into the truths held within your heart! Our time together is a chance to deepen your connection to your Soul's Calling. This is powerful work to support you in stepping into leadership, so that you can make the extraordinary impact you feel called to make in our world. Read more info here.

Falling in Love with Your Divine Self Through the Art of Circle. 4pm - 6pm

Sora Surya No

Step into the light, dear sisters, the seat of your awareness, and experience the sacred power of ritual. Join other goddesses in circle and allow your soul to come forth and heal through the connection of sisterhood. I invite you to join us and play, tapping into your intuition as you begin to integrate with clarity after this transformative and mystical journey. Embrace your wild, feminine self and activate the beauty, abundance, and grace in all that is available to you. The High Priestess, our ancestors, and the sacred healers who have come before us are waiting for us to gather. What a blissful reunion it shall be as we fall in love with our divine self.

Tuesday, Nov 22nd, 2016

Learning How To Love Again : Tantra Lv.1. 2-4pm

Antuanette Gomez

In this class you will learn the beginnings of Tantra. Included are breath techniques, chakra work, meditations, physical movement, interaction with other participant, lecture, discussion, body work, weaving community, and journaling. Notes: If you are single, no partner is required to do this work No nudity, no sexual activity. 

The Gold Behind Your Shadow. 2pm - 4pm 

Monica Pelayo

In this workshop you will be able to clear what you fear and find the gold behind the shadow. You will find a new way to break your glass ceiling, and finally move forward. There will be group coaching, and visualization into the shadow.

We recommend attending Phoenix Muranetz's Mythic Self Workshop directly afterwards, which will draw upon insights gained from Monica Pelayo's Workshop. ​


2pm - 5pm 

Alexi Panos

Alexi shares all her secrets to build an incredible tribe, scale your impact, and honour your unique voice. Alexi has been an international change catalyst for hundreds of thousands of people to step into their own personal greatness through her various speaking, writing, workshop, multi-media and philanthropic platforms. Her new transformational methodology she co-created called The Bridge, is making waves all over the world for it's revolutionary new take on radical self development. Alexi is also the Co Founder of the nonprofit E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) which has provided clean water and community development for tens of thousands of people in the developing world. 

YOGA. 2pm - 4pm 

Dr. Serena Wadhwa

Integrates Yoga, Psychology and Neuroscience to help with stress and fear, and working with the second chakra We'll cover the basics about the stress response, what happens with fear and stress from a neuro perspective and various strategies including yoga to assist with these states relating to these states. 

Embody the Feminine Force. 4pm - 6pm 

Nailia Minnebaeva

Embody the Feminine Force - is an immersive workshop experience. Working with your chosen medium of expression, such as written or spoken word, social media and even performing arts, we will work on discovering, revealing, strengthening and celebrating the Soul’s unique talents and honouring your original voice. By creating a space where you feel fully seen, supported, and acknowledged for all that you are, you will get a chance to share your message in a meaningful, new way! Once you have that felt-sense of your own strength and profound inner-knowing, you have the necessary alignment for exponential growth. From “the inner work” to all the way how you show up online and on-stage, if that is your calling! We’ll discuss trailblazing and innovative techniques and platforms to support your work and purpose on this planet. 

Be Your Own (S)expert. 4pm - 6pm 

Dr. Juliana Morris

Sexuality is our essence and effects all areas of our lives. It is complicated and ever changing. It is informed by a plethora of things in our lives and it shapes who we are. Daily. Throughout our life at any age. Yet we don’t know how to talk about it. Intimately. In a purposeful way with common language and common goals. So much of our sexuality, for women, is determined for us or happens to us. Be Your Own (S)expert teaches you to reclaim sexuality based on YOUR values, YOUR dreams and YOUR desires. This breakout session will walk you through a purposeful journey of examine sexuality messages and exploring how you want your sexuality to feel, how you want to experience your sexuality and how you want to show up as a fabulous, sexual woman.

Feminine Leadership: 3 keys to Ignite, Influence and Increase Productivity. 4 - 6pm 

Melissa Mackey

Founder of Ignite Me Now, Melissa is an award-winning motivational speaker, coach, and co-founder of The Awakened Woman Conference. In this workshop you will uncover your 3 Keys to Ignite, Influence, and Increase Productivity.

Unleashing Your Wild, Sensual & Mythic Self. 4- 6pm 

Phoenix Muranetz

It's time for women to remember their power, reconnect with their wombs and unleash the wild, playful, sensual and powerful sides of your soul through this experiential journey of music, creative expression, dance and soul work. In this two hour journey - you will discover the Mythic Archetype that is wanting to be expressed, practices to unlock your vital feminine life-force, and experience your authentic power.

Understand how to embrace this Archetypal Power for increased pleasure personal power, and fulfillment in your life instead of it sabotaging your lived experience. 

Listen to your body Decrease STRESS and learn to self-HEAL. 4-6pm

Dr. Carli Axford

A workshop to give you the tools you need to find your body, understand it, dump out stress and allow it to HEAL! Dr Carli Axford will feel and let you know what is stored in your body, where, which organs and systems are involved and give you the steps to take action so you can become your own Dr. Dr. Carli Axford knows the body can HEAL from almost anything and it is her mission and purpose to support people and give them the tools to live an extraordinary life, in a body that can feel amazing.

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Align Your Head With Your Heart. 2- 4pm

Monica Adams

In this workshop, you will be guided in a meditation to tap into your true desires. Afterwards, NLP techniques will be shared to uncover whether your mind is sabotaging your hearts' desires. This can manifest in the form of bad habits, procrastination, unclarity, etc. This workshop is best if you've been wanting to move forward on a project but feel that some part of you is holding you back.

The Omega Empowerment: 18 Ecstatic Prayers for Ultimate Fulfullment. 2-5pm

Christina Sophia Stellarum

Ignite your Soul and massively empower your Mission with the 18 Embodied and Ecstatic Prayers of THE OMEGA CODE. Join this juicy, mystical and rapturous ritual where you will learn, breath and activate the power of the stars, and initiate the principles that bring us home to Heaven, in the body, soul, life and mission. Read more here.

Integration. Intuition. Activation. 2- 4pm 

Tiffany Scott & Cathy Niezen

Be known as the #1 AUTHORITY in your field.In this workshop you will: Learn how to clearly message what you do with lasting impact. Discover how to use your uniqueness as your secret sauce. Learn how to create messaging that engages and entices your dream audience. Stand out from your competition. How to attract high calibre clients. Build a raving fan community - online and offline Walk away with actionable steps for branding AND growing your community and business.

Burnt-out, High-Achieving & Stuck? Reclaim your energy, connect to core essence, and catapult your life. 2-4pm

Janine Brolly

Awareness, renew and express. In this interactive, hands-on workshop we increase our self-awareness and welcome in vulnerability, allowing us to build on from our current state. Looking at how and why we give away our energy and power, we really become aware of the related issues. Feeling more whole, we reclaim our power, more worthy and connected to our core. * Disclaimer: Only for participants who are ready to shift :) * Warning: This transformational process will continue long after the workshop!

Reclaiming the Feminine – Humanity’s Greatest Potential

2pm - 4pm 

Claudia Spahr

Reclaiming the Feminine – Humanity’s Greatest Potential Manipura navel centre is the core of our personality, identity or ego. This chakra is the dominant consciousness of today's world, permeating every aspect of our lives. It is the single most problematic chakra and holds the greatest potential for humanity. The third chakra is the last doorway from self; the gateway from matter to spirit. Healing this chakra is absolutely necessary for us to evolve our planet. Using this chakra with clarity and fierce grace will propel us forward into evolved community where there is more balance between male and female, as well as inclusion of minorities. This chakra holds the key to inner wisdom and intuition and is a portal for transformation and empowerment.

Building unshakable self-worth (by ditching all the shit getting in the way). 4-6pm

Allie LeFevere 

What if you stopped blaming your life on EVERYTHING ELSE, UGH, you wiped out the beliefs, thoughts and actions that landed you here, AND had a powerful plan to create a life you ACTUALLY WANT in and are CONFIDENTLY PROUD OF? I pinky promise -- it’s going to feel powerful and playful and really f*#king good…. Are you up for the challenge? In 2 hours, we'll shift some of the biggest excuses, beliefs and negative self-talk holding your life back, as we start to build a rock-solid foundation of self-worth and confidence.

Authentically Raw: Staying True to yourself while using food not as a numbing drug but as a cataylist for self love and inner healing. 4- 6pm 

Kristina Carrillo - Bucaram

Authentically raw will cover what she went through as a raw, vegan, female entrepreneur. How she handled breakups, family issues, trust, love, faith and healing.

Centre, Align and Impact: Your inner awesome can change lives, especially for girls. 4-6pm

Ashly Wiles

Let's get real with that inner girl you have inside - Find your inner awesome and get ready to release it. Discover your why behind your actions, how to leave an impact in the world and redefine your story for ultimate impact in the girl world.

Take Back Your Life: How to Position Yourself to Get Everything You Desire! 4- 6pm 

Wendy Ida

You'll learn how to restructure your life and body at any age, and you will walk away with the 5 core ingredients that save lives, creates wealth and ultimately gets you everything you desire. Even more…I’ll give you my no-excuse mind map on how to create clear intention and stay healthy in spite of the real life challenges that we all face. Ultimately, it's about you taking back your power and regaining control so you can LOVE yourself and the skin you’re in!

Creating Magic: Finding your Inner Jedi. 4pm - 6pm 

Dr. Serena Wadhwa

In this workshop, we'll focus on identifying and dispelling personal myths; developing personal rituals and exploring reasons rituals/routines are important to your inner Jedi; identifying differences between active and passive participation, and developing a mission statement.

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Speak Your Truth, Change the World. 2-5pm

AWE - Activated Wealth Embodiment 2-4pm

Layla El Khadri

Activate your Wealth and Embody the abundance and radiance that you already carry inside. Through dance and movement, Layla will guide you through a transformative process designed to raise your vibration. You will learn how to ignite your presence, experience your inner radiance and ground your visions into reality. You will leave her session with AWE in your soul, inspiration in your body and deep gratitude in your heart.

Speak Your Truth, Change the World. 2-5pm

KC Baker

KC Baker shares unconventional wisdom on how to liberate your voice from fear and self-doubt in order to speak your truth and change the world. Women will have the opportunity to clarify what their messages and speak up in front of the group.

Yoga, 2-4pm

Dr. Serena Wadhwa

Integrates Yoga, Psychology and Neuroscience to help with stress and fear, and working with the second chakra We'll cover the basics about the stress response, what happens with fear and stress from a neuro perspective and various strategies including yoga to assist with these states relating to these states

How To Develop Your Media Platform & Gain National Exposure. 2pm - 4pm 

Heather DeSantis

Learn from Heather how to get national radio, print, and online interviews. 

​Living A Created Life:​ the art and practice of creating a life you love. 2 - 5pm 

Sandi Amorim

Living a Created Life is ​an introduction to the concept that life is yours to create. When you become clear on your true desires and partner them with your core desired feelings, you will have the foundation of creating a life you love.

Making money is spiritual! Remove your money blocks. 2- 4pm 

Joanna Turner

'Making money is spiritual! : Remove your money blocks' /Be visible- Get Clients/ Dream Bigger-Play a Bigger Game. 

Ignite - 4 Steps To More Passion, Purpose & Profits. 2- 5pm 

Louise George

Clarity & Confidence for Success - create the life you desire.

The Sisterhood Principles: An Exercise In Love. 4-6pm

Esther Bailey - Bass

​An experiment where women gather in a safe space - an outlet for self-reflection and self-expression where we engage in courageous, difficult conversations with each other and self to formulate new associations while building a new framework from which we reimagine the depth of sisterhood across bloodlines, borders and race.

The Feminine LeaderShift: How Women Warriors Will Heal the World. 4-6pm

Jami Young

In this energizing and inspiring session, attendees will explore leadership, personal power, and success through the sacred lens of the feminine. Through discussion and a variety of engaging exercises, participants will reclaim their essential wisdom, deepen their capacity for freedom and fulfillment, and learn how to activate their unique missions as medicine in the lives of the people they lead, love, and serve.

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