Welcome to Awakened Woman Sister!

We are so very honoured to welcome you into the Awakened Woman Community. 

We are getting excited to welcome you into the land of Bali. Please read below carefully for all details and information on making the most of your experience + trip!

1. What's Included in my Ticket


Full Access Conference Passes Receive: 

• Lunches and Dinners (except for meals that are held off-site)

• Access to all Keynotes, Morning Sessions and Afternoon Workshops

• Activities, Tours, Performances, and special events

• Access to our Exclusive Exhibition Hall and Healing Centre


Conference Only Passes Receive: 

• Access to all Keynotes, Morning Sessions and Afternoon Workshops

• Activities, Tours, Performances, and special events

• Access to our Exclusive Exhibition Hall and Healing Centre

Conference Passes with Hotel Accommodations Receive: 

• Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners (except for meals that are held off-site) during the conference

• Access to Hotel Amenities including Camp Splash, Lobby Services and additional hotel services

Day Passes Include: 

• Access to Morning Sessions and Afternoon Workshops for day of ticket

• Activities available for day of ticket

• Lunch and Dinner for day of Ticket Purchase

2. Flights + Travel: 

Awakened Woman is pleased to announce we will be organizing transfers from the airport in Denpasar to the Sanur hotel. If you will be staying at the hotel, please submit your flight details HERE by Nov 5th, 2016. This helps us arrange your pickup from the airport.

3. Hotel

If you will be staying at the Sanur Hotel in shared accommodations, you will be notified of your sister roomie prior to arrival at the hotel by email by November 5th, 2016. If you have any concerns about your shared accommodations, please feel free to email us once you have been notified. 

Check in happens Nov 20th, 2016 from 11am onward, and checkout is November 27th, 2016 at 12pm. 

Sanur Paradise Prime Plaza Hotel
Jalan Hang Tuah no.46, Sanur 80228 Bali, Indonesia
T +62-361-281 781 F +62-361-289 166
E reservation@sanur.pphotels.com , info@sanur.pphotels.com

4. Bali Permissions Ritual

The island of Bali is known as the island of Gods and Goddesses and Balinese Hinduism has been actively practiced for over 600 years. The island is one of the most powerful and ritually sanctified places on Earth, an unbroken prayer field of over 14,000 public temples and millions of people making prayer offerings daily. It is an extremely beautiful and humbling place. Those who live in Bali know that nothing works without the blessing of the Gods, and with the blessing of the Gods, everything works. Balinese culture is extremely honouring and reverent, and the basic approach to life includes asking permission for everything. Those who take the time to go into deep prayer and ask Bali’s permission to visit her (as well as permission for any other activities you seek to undertake, such as presenting or facilitating) will have a phenomenally different experience than those who do not take the time to enter into this prayerful conversation with her.


Time: Approx 40 min (or as long as a stick of incense burns) in a quiet and private space

Flowers: Yellow, Red and Mixed Colors

Altar Space: Either indoor alter or outdoor spaceSacred objects of personal importance: crystals, feathers, statues etc. fruits/offerings

Music - Mantra music or Bali Ceremony music is great.

1. Ask for Permission to Do the Ritual - Ask Bali for Permission to do the ceremony. 2. Smudge yourself with Palo Santo or Sage 3. Light your Incense.

Blessing 1:

Facing your altar, offering your hands above your head, coming humbly empty and available for the Divine - Ask God to make you an empty vessel. Offer your gratitude to Bali.

Blessing 2:

Holding the yellow flower(s) above your head - acknowledge the Divine Light and ask that it may shower upon your life and the lives of those in your life. Ask for your life to be illuminated. Afterwards - place the yellow flowers in your hair.

Blessing 3:

Raise your red flowers above your Head and give Gratitude to the Spirit of Bali, the Guardian spirits of Bali, Your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, and Gods & Goddesses you work with -- only offering Gratitude. Afterwards place the red flowers in your hair.

Blessing 4:

Raise your multi-coloured flowers above your head & put all of your prayers onto the altar and ask for your desires for permission, and to be blessed and supported. Put these flowers in your hair.

Blessing 5:

With your hands empty above your head - give gratitude to the Infinite and to all Beings who have assisted you.

After these five blessings, sit in meditation to receive any guidance or messages that come through. Let the light work on you!

Seal the space by smudging one more time, touching your forehead to the ground in reverence.



The most frequently chanted mantra in Bali is the Gayatri Mantra. If you feel so called, chanting it will help bring you into resonance with the prayer field. The mantra can also be chanted when making your offerings and raising your hands in prayer. Deva Premal has a great version here:



The island of Bali has 9 directional temples, known as

Kahyangan Jagat

, whose role is to protect the island from what does not serve. These temples are Bali’s energetic gatekeepers and they govern the comings and goings to and from Bali. You may wish to offer your respects to these 9 directional temples, and more specifically Bali’s largest and most important temple, Pura Besakih, when requesting permission to visit or conduct activities in Bali.


Perhaps the best recent film to truly capture and transmit a hint of Bali’s fullness is


This stunning film contains beautiful transmissions, will help you to understand Bali before coming to visit her, and can be easily watched online here for a dollar:


​Much gratitude to Christina Sophia Stellarum

Christina Sophia Stellarum

, for the wisdom and guidance in communicating this ritual.

5. Visas: 

As mentioned in our FAQ page - you will want to check with your local Indonesian consulate about any additional paperwork or processes regarding travel from your country into Denpasar. However, generally with tourists from North America - you can receive a tourist visa directly in the Denpasar airport for 30 days. Please ensure you have all proper documentation, address of location, and valid passport with at least six months of travel left. 

6. Workshops:

To register for your workshops, refer to our workshop agenda page on the website, and register for your classes. Registration is first come/first serve. You will be able to also register at the conference (if there is availability) or change your preferences in person.

Please copy and paste this URL into your browser: www.picatic.com/awcworkshopregistration

7. Food: 

We will providing healthy options for various diets and preferences for those with full access conference passes. For those with limited passes that do not include lunches or dinners, restaurants and food options will be available on site. 

8. Venue: 

We have some exciting updates we will be releasing soon regarding our special performances and venue! Awakened Woman will be providing all transportation to and from hotel to our private venue destination! 

9. Online Community: 

We recommend joining our online Facebook Group HERE to stay updated on any news, activities and announcements regarding the conference. 

10. Questions: 

Please read all of the FAQ's listed here before emailing us with your questions and also the What to Expect Page. We receive many questions regarding the conference that have been addressed on our FAQ's page. If your question is not listed on our FAQ page, please feel free to email your questions to info@awconference.org and our team will respond to you within 24-48 hours. 

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