Vanessa Florence

Vanessa is a visionary, leader, role-model and trailblazer for feminine expression. Named a “divine, contemporary feminist in action” Vanessa and her work is known for rawness, realness, courage & vulnerability. A powerful permission granter and the creatress of Dancing Eros she is passionate about creating spaces, experiences and embodying life in a way that gives others people total permission to be fully authentic, fully connected and unapologetically express ALL aspects of who they are. Vanessa is a prolific writer, speaker, artist and business woman. She has been the founder and co-creator of various successful movements fostering expression and community (Celebrating Sexuality, Mother Tongue) and bases herself in Byron Bay, Australia. “Truly an inspiration, a born leader, a facilitator of change, a revolutionary”

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The Good The Bad & The Ugly Truth About Being An Awakened Woman.

What does it really mean to be an awakened woman? Is it all just flowing skirts, green smoothies and ecstatic dance ceremonies? What work does it actually require from us personally to be totally free, empowered and alive? In order to shine bright we must be willing to face our darkness and our shadow sides as fully and lovingly as we meet the pleasure and the blissful bits. In this talk I will share some of my personal insights and experiences with owning and loving all parts of myself and give you practical ways to uncover your edges and inspiring ways to say yes to them and get radically real about who you are.

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