Want to speak at Awakened Woman in 2017?

Whether you are a mother or not....you are still a creator of precious life. The life of dreams waiting to be birthed, the glimpse of a future for ourselves and our potential. 

Are you hearing the call? To Liberate your truth and Rise in your desires? 

It’s time to shine the light back on yourselves, and be the beauty you hide within.

Women, it's time to remember. Remember your source, reclaim your voice and receive the gifts that are duly yours. Remember that you create worlds with your womb. 

When we are surrounded by a strong network of support - we give ourselves a space, a metaphorical womb of support to grow our dreams and expand our hearts. When we fly together with other dreamers, our big desires have room to grow!

We are gathering around the world

Stepping up into our places of power

And being the women we have been waiting for

This is an ancient call - divined by celestial cosmic alignments

It’s time to remember what you planted centuries ago

To shake off the dust of patriarchy from your bones

And let the cracks of light allow the love to shine forth into the world

Dear Sisters

Spread the Joy

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