Shaney Marie

Shaney began her journey of erotic empowerment in strip clubs from the age of 18. It was during her erotic dance adventures, she began to realize that the modern day strip club is today’s version of the temple’s of ancient times. She discovered that many people are looking for deeper connections but there are scarce options for places of worship & nourishment. She began to explore the world of sacred sexuality, learning from many renowned elders in the work. She went on to become a practitioner working specifically with men for several years before moving onto working with couples, women and groups.

Shaney is the founder of  Orgasmic Hearts, a body of work dedicated to supporting women and couples with the teachings of modern tantra sexuality. Shaney is also a Dancing Eros facilitator, holding erotic empowerment dance journeys for women. As a sacred sexuality facilitator weaving tantra sexuality, witch craft, dance, sexology, and ritual into her work, she is a leader in the art of erotic empowerment dedicated to creating powerful opportunities for people to shift their relationships to there erotic selves for a more awakened and loving existence.

You can find Shaney Marie online at:
www.shaneymarie.comFacebook, and Instagram

and you can find Orgasmic Hearts on Facebook and Instagram


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