The Vision of 

Awakened Woman 

There is an awakening of the Divine Feminine Happening

Your attendance supports the building of the

Awakened Woman Temple: A Legacy Land Project devoted to supporting women


Women’s voices more than ever need to be heard and listened to, not only by others, but by ourselves. We need to start listening to the voice inside of us. Our Planet is asking for our support and respect, the women of our planet are asking for their voices and bodies to be honoured and respected, our daughters are asking for us to create the conditions for them to thrive in, and our children are calling on us to come together in ushering a new era of peace on Earth.

It is therefore in this call that we women are being asked to rise up. Rise up together in united sisterhood so we can liberate our voices, our power, and each other. We, sister, are the ones we have been waiting for. 

A Percentage of Profits from the Conference go towards building the Awakened Woman Temple. Your Attendance is supporting the construction of this legacy land project devoted to empowering women and supporting the return of the Divine Feminine. Read more below.

The Awakened Woman Conference is holding space for 300+ female leaders around the world to gather in Bali. To celebrate our connection with one another, sharing our tools for feminine leadership, practicing sacred ritual, and ushering in a new era of co-creating a future of peace, love, and compassion based on the Divine Feminine Ways of Leadership.

We are bringing together powerful women in awakening to their truth, power, and expression in the world.



A portion of profits from the conference will be going towards the purchase of land in building the Awakened Woman Temple: A Land Project dedicated to the healing, empowerment and development of Awakened Women. The Temple will be operated as a retreat centre, offering trainings in Feminine Leadership, Energy Work, Priestess Trainings, Health & Wellness, Tantra, NVC, Conscious Business, and more. The mandate of the Awakened Woman Temple is to create resources and support for women to be in their wholeness and for men to learn how to best support the feminine.

Each time women gather in circles with one another,
the world heals a little more.


We seek balance and with it comes power. Women want, and envision themselves as priestesses, and envision a world where we can move beyond abuse, pain and cycles of misued power - into an era where we can move into reconciliation, honour and respect for one another!

The return of the feminine is not about women ruling society, but it is about the return to nature, balanced restored, ying/yang united - both hemispheres of the brain working in balance, and expanded consciousness.

The new Era of Feminine Leadership is meant to reconcile ancient dichotomies, to integrate male and female energies, and to coordinate heart and mind and right and left hemispheres of the brain. Wherever polarities exist, we have an opportunity to raise consciousness and find a higher perspective from which to view life-a more balanced position. Just as both left and right wings of a bird are equally important for it to fly, so too are the male and female energies important to the world. This is especially what our transgender, queer, bi, and non-binary brothers and sisters are bringing awareness to on the frontlines of these conversations.

Throughout history humankind has revered the Divine Mother principle that personifies the universal love and nurturing spirit that immortalizes the natural bond between mother and child.

As we strengthen our appreciation of feminine dignity and purity, we begin to reestablish worthy, spiritual role models to empower the woman of the new age. We turn to feminine strengths and invoke a restoration of balance, wholeness, sensitivity, and the shaping of values.

The Dalai Lama once said, “The World will be saved by the Western Woman”

The Vision of the Awakened Woman Conference began in 2015. Seeing a need for women to converge in supporting one another, Phoenix Muranetz and Melissa Mackey recognized that having a physical location dedicated to the feminine was an important aspect in cultivating the new era of Feminine Leadership. 

The Awakened Woman Temple is a legacy land project that will be built using profits from the Awakened Woman Conference. The AW Temple will have retreat spaces for trainings, retreats and courses supporting the empowerment of women as ambassadors of Female Leadership. The Temple Land Project will also have spaces dedicated to the exploration and space holding of conscious birthing, dying, sacred sensuality, holistic wellness, dance & movement, leadership training and more. 


“As western women, one by one, awaken into whole, self-realized, authentic, consciously spirit-embodied human beings, there will be no limits as to what they will contribute in a more feminine, intuitive way to all sectors of society.”

- Annie Burnside.


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