Monica Pelayo

My name is Monica Pelayo, Shadow Work Expert for Female Coaches and Thought Leaders.  I love giving female coaches the support they deserve, the safe space to be human and a place to find the gold in their shadow.

I am so grateful for this mission I’ve accepted.  Through my shadow work and my work with A Course in Miracles, I have been able to integrate light and the dark together in my coaching programs to allow women to bring to light that which they’ve been trying to hold down, the parts that wish to be heard and expressed more fully.  This is what leads to brilliant success and brilliant breakthroughs personally and financially.

I have discovered over time that if something doesn’t seem good, I get to find the gold behind it all.

Today I love that my dark is as welcomed as my light. I don’t worry as much  anymore about being “too much” or “too little, a bitch or a victim,” because when I pay attention to these aspects of myself, they bring me back to my journey of joy and peace, acceptance and being whole.  So I allow them to be part of me.

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