Jami Young

Driven by the belief that all women have the capacity to create extraordinary lives, communities, businesses, and organizations, Jami Young is on an inspired mission to make women’s leadership development and training more accessible across the globe. In her work as a Women’s Leadership Mentor and Empowerment Coach, Jami guides female entrepreneurs, executives, and change-makers to boldly step into their desires, embrace their authenticity, and fiercely redefine success on their own terms. Through her online platform and live events, Jami calls women to rise into greater leadership by claiming their personal power, activating their unique brilliance, and unleashing the wisdom of their voices.

Jami is the creator of Rise by Design, an innovative training program for emerging and expanding women leaders. She is an award-winning community-builder, regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and her work on leadership, business, and personal growth has been featured across a variety of media outlets. In addition to formal training and credentials in fundraising, change management, organizational leadership and governance, Jami has more than a decade of experience in marketing, communications and resource development in a diversity of sectors including business, health, and the arts. Currently she is a speaker and teacher, and works with clients through private coaching, workshop facilitation, and conscious business consulting.

Find her on Facebook or at www.jamiyoung.com

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