Elizabeth Stomp

Elizabeth Stomp is a Spiritual Midwife and Modern Mystic. In addition she is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Speaker. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor degree in Theater, Communications and Literature from the University of Sacred Heart, Puerto Rico and University of Miami, Florida. She helps people in the understanding, normalizing and integrating of their spiritual gifts and/or their mystical and spiritual experiences into their humanity.

As a child, she always felt the stirrings of Spirit in her heart; mystical, mighty and mysterious. Elizabeth, had her first spiritual experience at the tender age of 6 years old, living a profound impression and inner awareness of being loved and protected by a divine force bigger than herself. From that moment on she continued having moments of spontaneous episodes of awakenings and what she calls ‘mystical union’ with the Divine. As she grew older, she felt the growing disconnect between her inner and outer world. The pull of a glamorous career as a performer and the everyday life, left her feeling empty, confused and lost. And, one day she had an Awakening that would forever changed her life as she knew it. She knew exactly what she was placed here to do and is in helping others in their process of awakening.

Through one-on- one spiritual midwife-ing and group coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, her work helps clients deepen their sense of self, and spiritual-embodiment.


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