Dr. Serena Wadhwa

Serena Wadhwa, Psy.D., LCPC, CADC, RYT works her mission of helping others  connect with their inner fire and bringing that light, energy and passion to wake up others in their world. She helps others understand their blocks to change and work through their willingness, readiness and ability to ascend these. She also assists with smoothing the stress flow.

As a stress coach, she offers individuals one-on-one coaching or coaching in a group or corporate environment.  While the modern world is stressful, it’s essential to relax, have fun, stay connected and keep the personal fire ignited. Stress weakens this core foundation.  She is the founder of the Stress Intelligence coaching program. She continues to work in other roles as an educator for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level students; an individual and group therapist;  a supervisor of master level students; a consultant, creator, presenter and performer. Currently, she is integrating knowledge on social media, comedy, awakenings, and global citizenship into her path. Her website is www.drserenawadhwa.com.

Dr. Serena is a local and global presenter and trainer for clinical professionals and non-clinical professionals relating to her areas of expertise in substance use disorders and stress, including yoga.  Her book, Stress in the Modern World, is scheduled to be released January 2017. She has a book on substance use in the workplace and grief in the workplace published through Get to the Point Books. Her 2nd stress book, Stress Intelligence, (365+ways to smooth your stress flow) is scheduled for release this fall. She also blogs and hosts a wellness radio show.

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