Dr. Carli Axford

Dr. Carli Axford will feel and let you know what is stored in your body, where, which organs and systems are involved and give you the steps to take action so you can become your own Dr.

Dr. Carli Axford knows the body can HEAL from almost anything and it is her mission and purpose to support people and give them the tools to live an extraordinary life, in a body that can feel amazing.

She has the ability to feel exactly what is being stored in your body and can tell you in seconds what you are holding onto, the cause, if it is something physical, chemical or emotional or a combination of all of these and give you the steps to release it in order to move towards health and healing.

She has lived and worked all over the world, including the UK, United States, Asia and Australia. She is a qualified chiropractor, retreat facilitator, meditation leader, and breath-work specialist and runs monthly retreats in Bali.

She works closely with the Green School in Bali to educate and inspire the children, school and community to SHIFT towards health and well being.

She is a mother of 2 and us so excited to spend this week with the awakened women.

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