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We are in an age when TIME is of the essence. The Earth is in dire need of her next generations of Heroines to activate, step up, and make their greatest possible contribution. We no longer have the twenty years that Nelson Mandela spent in jail doing his inner work and mastering forgiveness (before he could teach it to the masses). And we are no longer willing to martyr ourselves in the process. We are here to ground Heaven and enjoy it in the process.

Christina is a facilitator of the Infinite Light who has been sent to find, empower and accelerate, the next generation of Great Leaders who are here to uplift the planet. Our missions are vast, and the soul-level preparation it takes to truly fulfill them can seem endless. But it doesn’t have to be. After a decade of fieldwork as a human rights advocate, including on the edge of war zones in Africa, Christina woke up to the Divine during a near death experience. She realized that all great leaders truly succeed because of their powerful connection to Spirit … and she set out on a path of direct connection and illumination.

As the founder of OMEGA U., Christina Sophia empowers leaders on 6 continents to fully commit to their divinely ordained purpose, and to develop the soul-level strength, clarity, purity and integrity it takes to serve successfully on a planetary scale. She is the creator of OMEGA U.’s comprehensive curriculum which helps great souls to graduate from Personal Mastery all the way through Planetary and Universal Mastery into their great service.

Courses include The Quantum Living Vortex TM, Quantum Rebirth TM, The Temple of the Beloved TM, The Omega Code TM, and more. As a direct conduit of the Divine Light, Christina completed over 10,000 hours of advanced initiation and certification as a healer before having her transformational skills go direct to the Divine. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School with a Master of Divinity on fellowship, Christina is more immediately known for her laser insight, luminous healing, compassionate presence, and for walking her talk. Christina has served International Organizations, National Non-Profits, Fortune 500 CEOs, Ivy League deans and faculty members, Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Alternative Health Professionals, Coaches and Healers worldwide, and has been featured at the Parliament of the World’s Religions. With a habit of living at quantum speed, Christina was a licensed pilot by the age of 17, has walked on fire multiple times, and has lived and worked in 25 countries on four continents, with her favorite being Lemuria. She is obsessed with waterfalls, vegan chocolate mint gelato, and is grateful beyond words to live in Bali, Indonesia, with her Beloved husband Oliver. Get a head start here and download: 18 Power Prayers to Bless Your Day & Wage Heaven on Earth. (

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