Women’s voices more than ever need to be heard and listened to, not only by others, but by ourselves. Our Planet is asking for our support and respect and embodying our feminine wisdom, the women of our planet are asking for their voices and bodies to be honoured and respected, our daughters are asking for us to create the conditions for them to thrive in, and our children are calling on us to come together in ushering a new era of peace on Earth.

The Divine Feminine & Female Leadership: The very essence of what Feminine Leadership looks like in action; trusting one's intuition, compassion over competition, and being in balance within. 

Where inspiration meets real action -- the edge of feminine leadership is explored through the Awakened Woman Conference -- where you are invited to experience leadership in your life from the boardroom to the bedroom. 

The conference takes place once a year in beautiful locations across the world. Awakened Woman differs from any other conference in history, where a percentage of profits from each conference goes towards the building of Awakened Woman Temples -- land projects devoted to supporting women and children.


With a balanced mix of speakers + engaging trainings + lots of time to rest, relax and connect, you will have the opportunity to explore what your Feminine Leadership looks and feels like.

You will get to experience the most leading edge courses, trainings and workshops in female leadership available -- worth tens of thousands of dollars. No where else in the world will you get to experience these all in the same place.

In attending the Awakened Woman Conference, you will not only be investing in your own growth but you will also be supporting the development of the Awakened Woman Temple and also in helping our partner organization Bumi Sehat in delivering medical and birthing services in Bali.


Do you know of a man who would like to step into Awakened Brotherhood with a global network of men being a force for love in the world. Have a husband, partner or boyfriend you would like to bring along? Invite him to Awakened Brothers.

The Awakened Brothers is a community of men who have chosen to step out of the paradigm of living life from the ego-self but chooses to be consciously connected to his own heart and the heart of all whom he interacts with in his life’s journey.

He has chosen to step away from old societal beliefs of what a man “should” be and accepts being the courageous warrior man who leads first from his heart. Knowing his heart if far more powerful, he sees the world with a new set of lenses.​


"The conference is a powerful mix of illuminating speakers, empowering workshops and inspirational artists. Each day your mind, body and spirit will be nourished with information and practices to apply directly to your life."

One of the reasons why Awakend Woman attracts only the most badass, embodied, and successful group of grounded, heart-centred and pioneering women is how we ensure our attendees. In curating our guest-list based on a woman's core values, contributions and vision -- we can ensure that only those who share similar values, whose mission for impact is aligned with ours, and who are ready to embody their power are extended a ticket, so that we can create a safe, supportive & empowering experience for AW'ers.

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