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  • NOV 20th
  • NOV 21st
  • NOV 22nd
  • NOV 23rd
  • NOV 24TH: 
  • NOV 25th: 
  • NOV 26th
  • NOV 27th

*Agenda Schedule is subject to changes in times, dates or speakers. 


9am - 7pm: Hotel Check-In and Registration

7pm: Welcome Dinner + Drinks




From Theory to Embodiment

What makes Awakened Woman Conference so remarkably unique from every other conference, summit and experience is the vision for the community we are building. Besides empowering women to embrace themselves and their feminine leadership in the world, we know that real change for women needs physical spaces to gather, connect, share, and support others.

That's why your attendance goes towards supporting the building of the Awakened Woman Temples -- Land Projects devoted to empowering the Feminine in all of her forms. These Land Projects will be constructed from a percentage of profits from each conference, and will be used as community hubs for transformational growth, community-building, new paradigm education and bringing about the change needed for our planet.

Your attendance at each conference gives you access to the future Awakened Woman Temples as Founding Members - where you get to participate and share your insight & wisdom into this visionary land project.

Spread the Joy