Want to Speak at Awakened Woman in 2017?

Leaders are often fearful of walking the talk, simply because they are afraid of looking less leader-like. But the great thing is that true leaders don’t have to be perfect. When people see you trying to model the behaviour you ask of them, they will give you points for your intent and effort.

Awakened Woman Conference is seeking Feminine Leaders to share their messages at the 2017 Conference and have limited speaking opportunities available. Understanding that we must ‘walk our talk’ as Feminine Leaders, these limited opportunities to be an Awakened Woman Leader will be opened up to select and eligible participants at the 2016 conference.

In an exclusive workshop with co-founders Melissa Mackey and Phoenix Muranetz, they will be sharing with interested speakers the exciting developments in the Awakened Woman Organization and how you can play an active role in our new conference platform, become an affiliate in the organization, and how you can share your message with us in 2017.


If we, as leaders, are not getting the results we desire, we may ask ourselves what our “walk” and “talk” conveys. What messages are we putting out there? Nothing stands in the way of progress like mixed or unclear messages. If we are responsible for setting up the environment for success, how can we be sure we are doing it right? How do we know we are empowering people in a positive way? If we can keep what we do in alignment with what we say, we ensure we are on the path to fulfilling our objectives and goals. Then, we can celebrate that we have created an environment for success!

This opportunity to become an official affiliate + speaker for Awakened Woman in 2017 is the opportunity to step out in the world as an authentic Feminine Leader who is truly walking her talk! If you’re interested in learning how you can attend the 2016 conference and gain access to this limited workshop, APPLY HERE today!

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