Awakened Woman Conference

​NOVEMBER 20th-27th, 2016 

  Women Visionaries, Leaders & Sisters Gather under One Roof.

We are changing the way women Lead, Love and Live in this world.

OVER 30+ Experts & Speakers and 30+ Workshops. 

7 Days of Transformation in Bali, Indonesia


Step into your Feminine Leadership with Global Female Leaders this November 20th - 27th, 2016

The Awakened Woman Conference is a convergence of female leaders around the world gathering in Bali. Understanding that Feminine Leadership is a holistic balance, the conference brings together Leaders in Personal Development, Conscious Business & Female Leadership, Sexual Empowerment, Spirituality and Health & Wellness. 

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Featured at Awakened Woman 2016 


Eve Ensler
Writer, Playwright, Activist Eve Ensler, Tony Award-winning play- wright, performer, and activist, is the author of The Vagina Monologues, which[...]
Audra Baker
A holistic nutrition educator & fitness expert, Audra Baker helps women love their bodies from the inside out. She's helped thousands[...]
Catarina Andrade
Catarina Andrade supports women feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded in the transition into motherhood. She helps them unlock their innate mama[...]
Christina Sophia
ABOUT Christina We are in an age when TIME is of the essence. The Earth is in dire need of her[...]
Dr. Carli Axford
Dr. Carli Axford will feel and let you know what is stored in your body, where, which organs and systems are[...]
Dr. Serena Wadhwa
Serena Wadhwa, Psy.D., LCPC, CADC, RYT works her mission of helping others  connect with their inner fire and bringing that[...]
Elizabeth Stomp
Elizabeth Stomp is a Spiritual Midwife and Modern Mystic. In addition she is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Energy Leadership[...]
Heather DeSantis
Whether it is extending your brand through positioning you as the “go to” expert through radio and print interviews or[...]
Jami Young
Driven by the belief that all women have the capacity to create extraordinary lives, communities, businesses, and organizations, Jami Young is[...]
Kate O’Brien
Kate O’Brien is a Powerful Global Voice In The Space of Feminine Leadership, Kate is extraordinary at taking stand for[...]
Lany Sullivan
My passion is making my clients (YOU!) look like rock stars. I’ve spent years in the trenches building successful events all the[...]
Melissa Mackey
Melissa Mackey is the founder of Ignite Me Now, a personal growth initiative. Mackey is an award-winning motivational speaker, coach[...]
Monica Pelayo
My name is Monica Pelayo, Shadow Work Expert for Female Coaches and Thought Leaders.  I love giving female coaches the[...]
Phoenix Muranetz
A believer in the power of pleasure, Phoenix Muranetz connects women to their embodied wisdom, creative expression and sensuality to experience[...]
Renee Martyna
Renee Martyna is a former UN aid worker turned serial social entrepreneur who has lived and worked in 9 countries[...]
Tziporah Kingsbury
Tziporah Kingsbury, founder of the Soulful Relating Institute™, is a groundbreaking transformational leader, intimacy expert and relationship mentor who serves[...]

The New Era of Real Feminine Leadership Starts with You

Women’s voices more than ever need to be heard and listened to, not only by others, but by ourselves. Our Planet is asking for our support and respect, the women of our planet are asking for their voices and bodies to be honoured and respected, our daughters are asking for us to create the conditions for them to thrive in, and our children are calling on us to come together in ushering a new era of Female Leadership.

It is therefore in this call that we women are being asked to rise up. Rise up together in united sisterhood so we can liberate our voices, our power, and each other. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

A Percentage of Profits from the Conference goes towards building the Awakened Woman Temple. Your Attendance is supporting the construction of this legacy land project devoted to empowering women and supporting the return of the Divine Feminine.


Stay in Bali Goddess Style
Sanur Paradise Plaza


Awakened Woman Conference Agenda

The conference is a powerful mix of illuminating speakers, empowering workshops and inspirational artists. Each day your mind, body and spirit will be nourished with information and practices to apply directly to your life.

  • Day 1
    The ROots
  • dAY 2
    tHE Pleasure
  • dAY 3
  • dAY 4
    tHE hEART
  • dAY  5
    tHE tRUTH
  • dAY 6
    tHE vISION
  • dAY 7
    tHE sOUL

Spiritual Connection • Oneness • Source • Unity

Our final Day and closing ceremony represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. 

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