Nailia Minnebaeva

I believe that we create opportunities and greater possibilities for ourselves not to serve ourselves, but to tap into our higher potential and experience universality. For example, as a child I wanted to be a writer and now I work with some of the greatest writers and visionary leaders today such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Lissa Rankin, David Wolfe and Dr. Sue Morter – I get to write for their social media! As an online content strategist today, I’m grateful to have intimate exposure to their extraordinary ideas, pioneering communities, and educational projects which create a ripple effect around the world.

I collect “pearls of wisdom” by being behind-the-scenes with visionaries like Wayne Dyer and Alex Gray. Yet my Muse comes to me through my inner vision. She inspires my art and poetry, and my service to women. As my relationship to my Muse strengthened and as I learned to listen to Her through my intuition, I could feel that there was no longer going to be a separation from how I can live my life, support my livelihood, and choose to express my Soul. Undoing old, rigid structures, and unlearning everything that prevented me from feeling authentic, purposeful, and sacred in this alignment and integrity with myself is now a daily practice. I broke the silence and now speak from my Soul!

I know firsthand how much courage it takes to unmask yourself to the world. However, you will be rewarded with infinite support and appreciation… Today all my clients and workshops reflect my true passions and strengths. This seeking of my higher potential and universality also led me to my respected yoga and spiritual teachers, learning pranic energy healing, as well as completing yoga teacher training. I share this to demonstrate the power of cultivating such unwavering personal vision and voice, which I also share in my rejuvenating practices below.

“Embody the Feminine Force” is my invitation to join an immersive and interactive workshop. I’m also excited to share my new body of work from my Guided Meditation CD: “Rejuvenating Practices for Women” designed to replenish feminine energy and cultivate unshakeable confidence and connection to Higher Self. 

The rejuvenating practices are designed to cultivate deeper awareness, experiencing the unfolding of the full wingspan that is your womanhood. You can choose to see any of these practices as a meditation or a ritual, strengthening your intuition and connection to your wisdom, so you can make soulful choices and embody the Wonder Woman that you are!

It’s my honour to come together and celebrate rising women in Bali. As we connect within, we connect to each other. There is no greater joy and honour for me than this – knowing that the same Grace that touches the essence of my heart, moves and dances through all of us.

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