Kelly Keegan

Kelly Keegan is a Holistic Leadership Coach. With over 10 years of experience in the “corporate” world as a Human Resources leader, Kelly has worked with hundreds of career-driven professionals in the technology, fashion, retail, and energy industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Spending most of her career specializing in recruiting, talent development, training and engagement, Kelly has proven experience collaborating with executives to conduct strategic planning in support of business objectives. Kelly’s ideas have been shared nationwide through workshops, leadership programs, learning curriculums, speaking engagements, mentorship programs, etc.

As a constant seeker of fulfillment, with an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn, Kelly launched her own consulting and coaching business in 2012, and officially left the corporate world in 2016 to fully embrace living in her zone of genius as a Holistic Leadership Coach. Raised in “a man’s world” and with a caretaker personality, Kelly is constantly aware of the lack of balance in the business world between masculine and feminine leadership styles and challenges those she works with to realign that balance. A compassionate and holistic approach, combined with a decade of accelerated business acumen, creates the perfect atmosphere for driving results for her clients.
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TRAINING: The Embodiment of Authentic Leadership 
“I firmly believe it’s perfectly ok not to have a fucking clue what is going to happen next.” We spend our lives focused on “what’s next” and how to get there, often times trying to run as fast as we can up the ladder without truly enjoying the journey. We always believe we’ll find our satisfaction in the future: “I can slow down when I get promoted” or “things will be better once we get engaged” or “I’ll be happier when I get pregnant.” But once we get there, we’re on to the next milestone we need to accomplish. If we SLOW down, and live consciously in the present, we would find all the satisfaction we spent majority of our lives seeking. We would find lessons we were previously moving too quickly to understand. And we would generate love from within, a love we were too busy to even realize was missing. We would be happy. And we would be at peace.
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