Janine Brolly

I believe success is an inside job. That true freedom is possible, and it’s within your reach.

At the core, most women don’t fully value themselves or recognize their incredible worth. We look outside ourselves for validation, not only giving our energy and power away; ultimately abandoning ourselves. This is not only exhausting, but far from being in our power.

Here’s your permission slip: “You don’t need permission!” You don’t need permission to be bold, to be smart, to be big in the world, but more than ever, we need you to claim your worth and live out your mission. No more playing small. Take a stand. It’s time to reclaim your energy and power, connect with your essence, and catapult to overall success.

When we take the time to slow down, give ourselves what we desire, and align with our true values, pure magic happens.

My life’s calling is to guide women, like you, to know your value & claim your worth.

The fact is, most women I know prioritize everyone else around them, but fail to look in the mirror.

I get it; I was there too. I was constantly seeking approval outside myself by being in hyper-drive, chronic busyness, people pleasing, acquiring letters behind my name, and being the “good girl”.

Collectively, it’s time we change this paradigm. And the best part is; when each of us embodies this powerful shift, we inspire others to do the same.

Reintroducing women to themselves, and reminding them of their incredible value is what I was put on this planet to do.

As the founder of the Worthy & Wealthy Women’s Mastermind we focus on increasing awareness, reclaiming energy, digging deep and reconnecting to self; expressing your life’s mission.

Tapping into over 20 years experience as a Health Professional, Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor, and Entrepreneur I draw the collective education, along with personal experience and deep-rooted intuition, working through a facilitation process that kickstarts inspired action and proven results.

When we stop looking outside for validation (which gives away our power), we learn to internally validate ourselves, reclaim our worth, and live reconnected to our core.

No matter what business you choose, it has the ability to be wildly successful, if you whole-heartedly commit everything, and are aligned with yours.
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Burnt-out, High-Achieving & Stuck?
Reclaim your energy, connect to core essence, and catapult your life

Awareness, renew and express.

In this interactive, hands-on workshop we increase our self-awareness and welcome in vulnerability, allowing us to build on from our current state.

Looking at how and why we give away our energy and power, we really become aware of the related issues.

Feeling more whole, we reclaim our power, more worthy and connected to our core. This allows us to tap into our knowingness, giving us greater ability to express truthfully. This is the difference between knowing and doing. By stepping into your power, your outer success is congruent with the fire burning in your belly.

Take action and amplify your life.

Looking at the cost of not being connected to our core essence, we are taking the first step to reconnection and expansion.

In this transformational process, you will:
– Become aware and identify how and why you give your energy and power away (empty the tank)
– Re-claim your energy and power back now (fill the tank)
– Tap into your deeper knowing
– Articulate your knowing, deep desires, calling that is not being expressed
– Create an action plan and catapult yourself towards greater self-expression now (apply and take inspired and imperfect ACTION)
– Create a self-declaration and accountability
– Have some serious fun!

* Disclaimer: Only for participants who are ready to shift :)
* Warning: This transformational process will continue long after the workshop!

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