Esther Bailey-Bass

I support women in the process of uncovering the mysteries of themselves. I help them shift from a passive mindset to one of leader. The world needs women to have the audacity to be self-governed and to be the authority over our own lives. We’ve coddled each other and given excuses for why we “cannot.” We’ve always had permission to dream big. It’s the stuff movies are made of, and yet we want someone else to create our lives for us. Women—as leaders in life, work, and business, it’s time to move beyond good intentions and take action.

As a Co-Active® coach, transformational change is the goal while creating a space that fosters real connection and intimacy for truth-telling. When you show up with a “desire” to be coached, it is essential to bring curiosity and adventure into the conversation. I will engage you through intuition, curiosity, and deep listening to foster open, candid conversations, deep learning, and forward action.

I want to seek out the “truth” that is you, and tell you the truth, in order to draw out your big-picture dreams through hard, focused, and purposeful conversation and accountability. We’ll focus on the whole person—mind, body, heart, and spirit—while acting as a mirror that allows you to see yourself more clearly, elevate your confidence, and connect with your inner authority. Our work together will result in action, lasting change, and greater personal fulfillment. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Organization Communications, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute, and membership in ICF (International Coach Federation), my objective is your transformational change upholding high professional and ethical standards. If you’re ready to recognize your own brilliance, reach out to Esther at and start living the life you dream of today.

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and on her website or the Liberation Summit.


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