Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio has been deeply committed to the reawakening of the Divine Feminine on planet Earth for her entire adult life. This commitment to “help women empower themselves” has led her on a serendipitous 30 year journey across the world, and through a wide range of experiences.

Dawn’s “work” has included luxury travel writer and magazine editor, professional kick boxer, kick boxing coach, sought-after internet marketer, copywriter, business mentor and best-selling author. Her interests and passions have also drawn her to develop skills as an international traveler, herbalist, ceremonialist, tarot reader and astrologer.

These diverse career paths and personal passions share a common thread: Dawn’s commitment to understand what it means to live as a holistically empowered woman on the planet – empowered in Spirit, Mind and Body.

Today, Dawn serves women as a business coach, marketing mentor and retreat facilitator. Her Sacred Space Business Immersion Retreats in Sedona, Arizona and Chiang Mai, Thailand are designed to hold a safe container where women can move through blocks or fears in order to fully embody their power, both personally and professionally.

Her intention is to support women who are called to have a greater impact in the world, so they don’t struggle by undervaluing their work or get stymied by subconscious blocks around feminine power and success.

You can find her online at DawnDelVecchio.com or her Best-Selling Book: SpiritMindMoneyBook.com 

Training: “Spirit, Mind & Money: Uniting Sacred Service with Abundant Success”

In this workshop, we will create a sacred container of sisterhood … a space in which each woman can feel safe to dive deeply into her SELF. Our focus is to explore the interrelationship of Money, Service & Success, and how we are sometimes held back by inherited or faulty beliefs around what it means to be wildly successful with our Soul Calling work.

You will walk away from our time together with a deeper connection to your Soul Purpose Calling, and a sense of liberation from some of the belief structures that may have been holding you back from creating the extraordinary impact you feel called to make in the world.

Expect dancing, eye-to-eye & heart-to-heart connecting, journaling, and playing with the wisdom of the tarot for a journey into the truths held within your heart!


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