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Claudia Spahr is a published author, journalist, speaker, health consultant, yoga retreat creator and mother of three. She is truly passionate about empowering women to feel more in control of their health and well-being. Claudia likes to innovate, live courageously and inspire others to activate their purpose. She believes that women collaborating, networking and shape shifting will bring us into alignment for the critical mass needed to evolve our planet.

Claudia currently hosts the popular HolyMama yoga retreats for moms and their children in Ibiza, Spain and Morocco. She also has an fertility programme at

You can find her on her websites and

Training: Trusting the Feminine – from Victim Consciousness to Freedom

A workshop aimed at elevating women to have more empowered experiences of themselves. This workshop focuses on the navel centre (Manipura chakra) which is the seat of our self-esteem and confidence. It has been a weak spot for women for the last two millennia and many of us on the planet still have tremendous difficulties expressing from this chakra. From oppressed women in the developing world to Western women who are told by the media/society that they’re too fat/thin/ugly to be good enough or too old to get pregnant. Healing this chakra is vital for us to emerge with clarity and a subtle fierceness that will propel us forward into evolved community where there is more balance and inclusion of minorities.

This chakra holds the key to our own inner wisdom and intuition and is a sacred portal for transformation. The talk will have a body, mind, spirit approach, including cutting edge research from the new frontiers in health and spirituality. Attendees will walk away with a practical understanding of how they can live from this chakra with more clarity and elegance. This will elevate them to have a more fulfilling experience of themselves, which is for the greater good of all humanity. Attendees will gain a holistic understanding of how the energy of this chakra works and what simple steps they can take to increase their own self-confidence and self-worth, in order to align with their unique purpose in life.

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