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Allie LeFevere creates ridiculously fun & inspiring programs for Women that make learning to love yourself and your life way less overwhelming than online dating and way more fun than stuffing yourself into Spanx. She’s been spotlighted on various media outlets such as MindBodyGreen, SheKnows, ABC, NBC, CBS, Well+Good, Mom+Me, Purpose Fairy, and was featured by wellness activist, Kris Carr, as an entrepreneur to keep an eye on. When she’s not rapping with remarkable women, you can find her maxing out her passport, dancing unapologetically ’til the sun comes up, and playing perpetual games of fetch with her Border Collie, Mokey.
She also can school you in a game of Scattergories without batting an eyelash. What’s currently knocking her socks off? THIS. The ability to help women build unshakeable self-worth and to stop settling for a life they don’t love, so instead, they start designing one that they do. Say hi, laugh, then stay awhile at her virtual playground:,


Workshop: Building unshakeable self-worth (by ditching all the shit getting in the way)

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so let’s play a game your awkward middle school self remembers well: TWO TRUTHS and a LIE.

TRUTH: When YOU take full responsibility for your life, your life takes full responsibility for YOU. TRUTH: If you want to be, act or feel different, you have to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. LIE: You are merely a small and insignificant victim of everyone and everything else and can’t possibly have the life you want and deep-down know you deserve. *dabs eyes with hankerchief* But I get it. The lie is sooooo much easier to tell. Because once you lose the crutch that has rationalized why you’ve anxiously and disenchantedly settled for a life you’re not wild about, then you have to take responsibility for creating something better. And that is a huge drag AND reminds us of some things we don’t quite love about ourselves or our choices thus far. And that firing blame at parents, bosses and life AND ignoring our pesky, yet courageous intuition won’t make us happy for the long-haul. BUT if we want to be free, fulfilled and fearless women, we have to look across the landscape of our entire life — body, job, relationships, cashflow, experiences — and shift the sh*t that’s keeping us stuck and settled in a life we don’t love.

SO…. What if we made it FUN. What if we did it TOGETHER. What if you stopped blaming your life on EVERYTHING ELSE, UGH, you wiped out the beliefs, thoughts and actions that landed you here, AND had a powerful plan to create a life you ACTUALLY WANT in and are CONFIDENTLY PROUD OF? I pinky promise — it’s going to feel powerful and playful and really f*#king good…. Are you up for the challenge? In 2 hours, we’ll shift some of the biggest excuses, beliefs and negative self-talk holding your life back, as we start to build a rock-solid foundation of self-worth and confidence.

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