MARCH 1 2017 - FEB 1 2018

Welcome Beautiful ~ Together we're about to begin the Journey of the Feminine Leader in 2017. 

Because this is the year you stop doubting the reason you're here, your unique gifts and your visionary magic.

Because this is the year you own your sensual power, your beauty and your brilliance. 

Because this is the year you find your tribe of sisters who are as committed to living their most fearless, bold and beautiful path together and really support and see all of you. 

Because you're ready to release any attachment that you need to run your life from the masculine and do the "hard work", "hustle", and "grind", in order to succeed. 

You are ready to acknowledge your role in the unfolding of a prophecy. 

As a woman, you're in the right time and space in our story to run a thriving business that nourishes you without depleting your time, energy and resources. 

You're ready to step up and create a life from a place of passion, power and full sovereignty - instead of feeling fear and uncertainty about the future, your finances, or career. 

Welcome to the Awakened Woman Virtual Sisterhood

Sister, there are big shifts happening in the world. And you are a key in this shift. Feminine Wisdom and leadership is needed in this world, in our communities and in our personal lives.

If you have been searching for a sign from the Universe to confirm your path as a Divine Feminine Leader - this is it! You reading this is confirmation from your higher self that you are ready now. Your role in the unfolding of prophecy can no longer be put off, ignored or downplayed anymore. Our experience is lovingly cultivated and guided with the Divine and the presence of women who are being called to higher Service, greater contribution, more freedom, pleasure, expansion, confidence, and power.

Women around the world are being called to remember their divine inheritance - that they can live on this planet in all of their lusciousness and receive all that they have been waiting for. This journey is for you - who are ready to look at your deepest desires wide-eyed and make them happen, be seen in the world, and share your message through soulful expressions that will support + nourish you.

This is your destiny calling you home. 

Founder, Awakened Woman Conference

Women's Sensuality + Feminine Leadership Mentor​


Feminine Leadership, Wisdom and Expression is needed in the world today. You are being called by the Divine to recognize your inherent birthright, to finally receive what you've resisted, and to explore and experience your power in new and untold ways - spiritually, professionally, creatively, and sexually. 

“And I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these Modern Times they are the ones who are going to save the world, not the men. They have done their job before. Now it is for you to save with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom, and innate love not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world. It is a very great opportunity for all of you to do your bit... The whole Cosmos, just in complete respectful attendance, is waiting for their arrival.” Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi

See, what I've seen and experienced is that we get stuck, stagnant, and blocked when we try to figure it out ourselves.


It takes a community and a sisterhood to birth feminine leaders, to hold each other accountable to experiencing our deepest desires, to hold us when we're a hot mess, and to reflect to us our beauty when we can't see it for ourselves. 


Virtual Online Retreat: We'll kick off our sisterhood journey with a virtual retreat March 1st, where we will set powerful intentions for 2017 together, really get to know our sisters, and release the beliefs, experiences and things that we're ready to let go of. 

23 AW Community Calls with Phoenix: Twice a month step into sisterhood with us virtually on our bi-monthly community coaching calls. This is a valuable container to connect with your sisters so that you can get clear and concise support to keep you focused on your expansion, goals, and expression. 

Mastery Sessions with Leading Guest Experts: We'll be joined by visionary Feminine Leaders in their area of expertise who will support you with their wisdom in areas of business systems, soulful marketing, feminine leadership, sensuality & expression, health & wellness, and money mastery. 

Personalized Support in our Private FB Group: During the year you'll have the sacred container of our private group to reach out to your sisters for support, feedback and questions. Get immediate feedback on time-sensitive questions related to your business of life challenges that may come up. My team of coaches will have office hours to support you with your questions and needs. 

Inner Circle Sisterhood: You’ll also receive support from your sisters weekly through your weekly sister calls for accountability, support and connection.

All Access Course + Programs Pass: You’ll receive access to any and all programs, trainings or courses that Awakened Woman releases during your sisterhood journey so that you’ll always have powerful support at your fingertips to continue to grow your business and create wealth and true freedom.

                    AS A SPECIAL GIFT FOR THE FIRST 30 SISTERS WHO                              JOIN BEFORE JAN 30th RECEIVE THESE GIFTS:

One Ticket to attend the Awakened Woman Conference 2017: Receive One Conference Registration to attend the Awakened Woman Conference Oct 12-15th 2017 (value $997-$1997 USD) when you register by January 30th. Ticket includes access to the AW Conference, all workshops, keynotes sessions and more bonuses. (Available for the first 30 Sisters registered. Tickets are transferrable.)

One VIP Intensive Session: You’ll receive a 40 min VIP Intensive Pleasure Session with me during our journey together to hone in on your destiny and create a holistic and pleasurable plan to support you in making them a reality and move through any underlying blocks, fears or doubts. You will be sent a calendar link to book your session upon enrollment. 

This is perfect for you if: 

• You've been searching for a community of women who are heart-led leaders ready to step up in their business, their expression, their relationships and their contribution

• You're ready to live a freedom lifestyle that allows you to contribute and work with pleasure while also earning an income reflective of your brilliance

You are ready to fully accept your role in the world and are ready to step forth into the world as the Feminine Leader you are!

Register in our sisterhood by Jan 30th and you'll receive: 

One Ticket to attend the Awakened Woman Conference 2017: Receive One Conference Registration to attend the Awakened Woman Conference Oct 12-15th 2017 (value $997-$1997 USD) when you register by January 30th. Ticket includes access to the AW Conference, all workshops, keynotes sessions and more bonuses. (Available for the first 30 Sisters registered. Tickets are transferrable.)

Virtual Online Retreat: We'll kick off our sisterhood journey with a virtual retreat Feb 26th, where we will set powerful seeds of intention for 2017 together, deepen our sisters, and release the beliefs, experiences and things that we're ready to let go of. (Value $700)

One VIP Intensive Session: You’ll receive an Intensive 40min session with me during the beginning of our journey together to hone in on your goals and create a holistic and pleasurable plan with holistic practices to support you in making them a reality. ($797)

23 AW Community Calls: Twice a month - step into sisterhood with us virtually on our bi-monthly community coaching calls. (Value: $8,000)

Mastery Sessions with Leading Guest Experts: We'll be joined by visionary Feminine Leaders in their area of expertise who will support you with their wisdom in areas of business systems, soulful marketing, feminine leadership, sensuality & expression, health & wellness, and money mastery. These sessions also include live Q+A sessions so you can get feedback and support from these mentors. (Value: $5,000)

Special Surprise Bonuses + Goodies: Each month you can expect to receive special goodies and resources that will support your growth and development in different areas. (Value $1,000)

Inner Circle Sisterhood: You’ll also receive support from your sisters weekly through your weekly sister calls for accountability, support and connection. (Value: $3,000) 

The value of the Awakened Woman Sisterhood is well over $18,000 but the investment for this journey is well less than half. 

Each month we'll also focus on fundamental areas of the Awakened Woman including: 

Feminine Leadership

 We'll explore the principles of Divine Feminine Leadership and Priestess practice in your business. 

• Apply the principles of Feminine Leadership into your life + business for greater ease, freedom, prosperity and flow

• Understand and uncover the blocks that keep us from living reactively out of fear to consciously creating with power through integrative shadow work, archetypes, and spiritual exploration

• Learn Priestess Practices + Rituals to clear energy, follow natural rhythms for greater alignment with the Earth's energy, open + close ceremonies, lead women's circles and experiences, and manifest more rapidly using ancient magic principles + ceremonies

Awakened Sexuality

Unleash your sensual power and embrace and own your brilliance, beauty, and desire. 

• Explore and apply the Principles of Tantra into your life for enhanced confidence, awareness, intimacy and fulfillment

• Explore your sensual power through hands-on workshops and embody your desires

• Learn practical practices to enhance connection, intimacy & union with your beloved or Tantric practices to call in your love.

Awakened Health & Lifestyle

Exclusive Access to AWC Member Courses, Trainings, and Knowledge for the entire year and beyond. 

• Create a Morning Practice that integrates embodiment rituals for greater aliveness, enthusiasm, and accountability

• Learn from our expert mentors on optimal health + lifestyle practices for living your most rejuvenated and alive self

• Apply these 5 practices for greater productivity/results/+ prosperity

Awakened Contribution

Explore your highest vision of contribution in the world. What is the legacy you want to leave in the world 100 years after you're gone.

• Learn how to create your offerings and packages with service and contribution as the core intention

• Understand how your personal mythos in the greater context of the current awakening is of importance, and easy practices for overcoming fear, doubt and internal blockages.

Soulful Business

How to build a freedom based business that is fun, exciting and downright pleasurable. Expect to double or triple your income while 'working' less yet contributing more. We'll explore the aspects of radical contribution, and sharing your message in meaningful (and fun) ways. 

• Learn Soulful Sales + Heart Based Marketing techniques

• How to create high-end programs and packages

• How to create transformational events and experiences that sell out

• Learn the art of Feminine Financial Mastery and how to apply it easily into your life to create long-term financial stability.

Awakened Expression + Creativity

Powerful, deep and sacred ceremonies, journeys and workshops to support you in embodying your most authentic expression. We'll work on vocal, movement and sensual expression and creativity. Get ready to explore aspects of your most playful, confident, and alive self!

• Dive into Radical Creativity through practices + workshops where you'll learn the art of expressing yourself unapologetically

• Explore the arts of sacred sound, movement and expression through shamanic ceremony + ritual and how to integrate them into your business + life.

The Magic of the Priestess

Connect with your mythic Feminine Archetypes, align your energy with the cycles of the moon, and build the practices of the Priestess into your life to fully activate and honour your magic. 



Phoenix is a Women's Sensuality + Leadership Coach and the co-founder of the Awakened Woman Conference. As an initiate in the ancient lineage of Sophia Tantric Wisdom, her work connects women back to their embodied wisdom, creative expression and sensual power, and she's here to be a powerful mirror to your own wisdom, brilliance and beauty. She's been featured in outlets such as the Financial Post, Huffington Post, spoken on stage with luminaries like Eve Ensler, Alexi Panos, Christina Carrillo-Bucaram, and Mastin Kipp and built a six-figure business by integrating principles of Feminine Leadership, Priestess Wisdom, and built an international movement supporting the spread of the Divine Feminine.


A diverse and sacred council of women will be walking alongside us in this journey together - offering their guidance in creating a sacred, soulful, and successful business that nourishes us, guidance in financial mastery, delving deep into the mysteries of the Priestess and Feminine Wisdom, how to nourish our bodies for optimal energy and health, embracing and owning our sensual power, and how we can step into our roles as Divine Feminine Leaders on that planet.

REGISTRATION DETAILS: The doors to the online temple will be open until Feb 15th.  We converge for our online Virtual Retreat Ceremony on February 27th. 



This isn't a group program, course or coaching, but is a convergence of feminine leaders coming together to activate the wisdom, passion and radiance that is burning in their souls waiting to be unleashed into the world. With your active engagement, surrender, and contribution expect to move through deeply held fears, doubts and negative beliefs with new ease, welcome all parts of yourself home, and be seen and celebrated by your women in new and beautiful ways. Expect to emerge from our container FULLY ALIVE // ENERGIZED // AND ACTIVATED IN YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE

We're deeply blessed to have you in our circle. Welcome Home. 


Investment in the Virtual Sisterhood includes access to all of our member resources, community calls, and special bonuses (if registered by Jan 30th). 

1. Register below by clicking on the payment option that aligns for you.

2. After registering, you'll receive a welcome email within 24 hours with more details about your membership details.

Have questions regarding the AW Virtual Sisterhood? Connect with our Support Team @ and we will respond within 24 hours during business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5pm). 

12 Monthly Payments of $297

These payments will be due at the same time each month. First payment counts as payment 1 of 12. Subsequent payments will on the same day each month afterwards for a total of 12 payments. All payments are made in USD.

One Payment of $2797

Register with one payment for the year and save $700. All payments are made in USD.

REFUND POLICY: We ask that you show up in with full commitment and integrity to not only yourself but also this sacred work. Because your membership includes trainings, program materials as well as special gifts, we cannot offer any refunds on monthly membership dues already paid. You are free to leave the sisterhood and cancel your membership within 30 days of registering although a refund cannot be granted for the first month.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply send an email to our Tech Priestess at to cancel your membership at any time and you will be taken care of. Any special bonuses (AWC Conference Pass + VIP Intensive Bonus) will not be available for those who cancel their membership before the year membership period.


Know that your membership in the AW Virtual Sisterhood is supporting the One Billion Rising Movement. 10% of all membership fees will go towards the support of women rising globally against violence against women!


Can I join after the registration deadline! Yes, you can, although you will not be eligible for the bonuses available for early registration including the ticket to Awakened Woman and the VIP Intensive. 

Who is this Sisterhood For?: Passionate women who desire to live their most authentic, expressive, and beautiful path here on Earth, leave a legacy of love and positivity, and want to earn at least 10K-20K a month, are ready to feel crystal clear on the exact next steps to take and while living a balanced and beautiful life.

When does the Sisterhood begin?: The journey begins March 1st with a Virtual Retreat where you’ll get to meet the other sisters, set your intentions for 2017 and receive personalized guidance to start the year off with clear specific action steps.

When does the Sisterhood begin?: We officially begin March 1st.

I've done other online group programs before where there was actually very little support. Will I be supported in this group? Definitely. This Sisterhood is supported with a team of space holders who are committed to showing up for you. Between the group coaching calls, our online group, and your weekly sister circles, you'll be held, supported and loved deeply along the entire journey.

Will you be holding another Sisterhood again later this year? I'm not sure I can financially invest during this time. My intention is to hold the energy of our group sacred and focused on you for 2017, and I will not be offering any other other private coaching or high-level mentorship besides my private Mastermind for 2017. So if you’re feeling called to this sisterhood and you desire to create a successful business run on feminine principles that truly reflects your desires while staying true to yourself and carving out the freedom you desire then listen to your intuition and register for this year's journey. 

If you're interested in learning more about the AW Private Mastermind, visit

While you can cancel at any time throughout the year if you so desire, you cannot go back in time if you regret not joining. We always regret the choices we didn't make, not the ones that we did. If you are feeling any fear about registering, understand that this is also normal. As a society, women have been conditioned to compete and tear each other down for men's attention, affection and more. We have been separated from one another for centuries (and longer), so it is natural to feel some anxiety around coming together with other women. 

We are learning to heal the sisterhood wounds, the wounds of the feminine and the wounds within ourselves around our own femininity. Know that you will be held, loved and supported by an experienced council of women who understand and have been there. ​

Who are the guest experts? Our guest experts are recognized leaders in their industry who I personally trust and have been fundamental to the growth of women's voices, work and income in the world. Guest mentors will be announced at the beginning of March.

I'm just starting out in my business and not making much money. Is this journey right for me? This journey is absolutely perfect for you. We walk you through the process of earning double or triple the income you're making - even if you are starting from scratch. Wherever you are on your journey, we will help you accelerate your career so you can become a voice for Feminine Leadership, share your gifts with a wider community, and actually earn what you deserve. If you are making $5,000-$10,000 in your personal business, you can apply for my Awakened Woman Sisterhood Mastermind beginning in March. This mastermind is by application only, and you can find more information here. 

The world is waiting for us women to wake up to our power together.

Are you ready to experience more, love more, make more, and give more?

Are you ready to be unapologetic in your truth, and be held, loved and supported along the way by women who will rise with you...

If you've gotten this far, you're feeling the call. ​

Listen to what your heart, spirit and soul is saying ~ because this is your year to rise and fly. To really let go of the fear, procrastination and excuses. To be the one whom others are inspired by, and to become the Feminine Leader you always believed you'd become. 

Allow yourself to step into your future self:

What does it feel like to have trusted your intuition, to be in this sisterhood, travelling with one another, celebrating each other, and living out your big mission on this planet?

The Awakened Woman realizes her fears may walk alongside her, even as she stares them straight in the eyes, and dares anyways. That's what makes her feel alive, challenges her to rise above, and helps her step into her power as a Feminine Leader. 

Now is our time. Let's do this together in love, sisterhood and passion!​

Spread the Joy