FEB 2017 - JAN 2018

Welcome Beautiful ~ Together we're about to begin the Journey of the Feminine Leader in 2017. 


1. Begin by filling out the AW Virtual Sisterhood Membership Form Here. This is so we can send you surprises, celebrate your gifts, and also better support you with custom resources and support. You'll also receive an email with your Membership Login + Password to Access Member Resources.

2. Join + Introduce yourself in our Private Members Only Facebook Group Here. 

3. The Beginning of Each Month you will receive an email reminder highlighting the release of New Member Resources, Community Call Times, and Special Guest Mentor Resources + other news on our Members Page. 

Welcome to the Awakened Woman Virtual Sisterhood

Welcome Beautiful! 

It is so time we as women really stepped forward and out of the shadows to truly shine our divine brilliance in the world through our words, our expression and our work in the world.

This journey we are embarking upon together is one of Divine Leadership, Feminine Wisdom, and unapologetic expression and Freedom.

Welcome home to your tribe of sisters who are here for you to lean into, support and show up for one another in your path of living as an Awakened Woman.

Each month, we will release new member resources, our community call links, guest mentor teachings, and special spotlights of member achievements and calls for support.  

Thank you for hearing the call and stepping up as the Divine Feminine Leader you are!

Founder, Awakened Woman Conference

Women's Sensuality + Feminine Leadership Mentor​

Spread the Joy