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What is The Awakened Woman Licensing Program?

Through 7 Days of Live Virtual Talks and Expert Panels on Business, Leadership & Self-Care, learn how to elevate yourself in becoming a Global Female Leader for Millions.

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What You Can Expect from Attending the LIVESTREAM:

• Expert advice on booking international speaking opportunities and public speaking

• How to Get Yourself National Media Coverage and Interviews

• Applying the power of Feminine Wisdom in your business for easier cash flow, clients and success

• How to make the internal shifts in taking risks, in being seen and really stepping up in your feminine leadership

• Understanding what stop most women from stepping into leadership positions and how to create support systems to eliminate self-sabotage 

• Learning how to experience your sensual power for deeper and more intimate relationships

NOVEMBER 21st, 2016

Expert Panel: Energy & Chakra Systems. 11:30am

Special Guests & Experts

Join our panel of experts and facilitators as they share on the Chakra and Energy Systems, how to optimize your energy, clear emotional debris and stay in alignment. 

NOVEMBER 22nd, 2016

Magic 2.0: Following Your Soul's Guidance In Daily Life. 9:20am

Lissa Rankin

Join MD, New York Times bestselling author, physician, speaker, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, and mystic in Magic 2.0. When you're finding and fulfilling your calling, devoted to living in alignment with your deep soul's purpose, you'll need a compass, and that compass can be the portal to everyday magic. In this practical discussion of how your soul guides you to your deepest purpose, we'll explore intuition, dreams, spirit guides, animal totems, synchronicity, co-creation, and other ways that real life magic will point you- breadcrumb by breadcrumb- towards the path of your most fulfilling destiny. Now more than ever, the sacred feminine is being called to listen deeply to the guidance that surrounds us all the time so we can collectively spark the revolution of love that is beckoning for us all.​ 

To WIT: Transformation-- Knowmad mama style. 9:40am

Renee Martyna

Consumate global knowmad, she's the founder of Ubud's Top Co-working space HUBUD. 

Renee Martyna has been working with Women in Transition -- that is, women who have left a life they no longer believe in-- for most of her life. First, with the United Nations in conflict and disaster zones, and for the last 8 years, with femmpreneurs in Bali. She will chart a warts-and-all course of what to expect if you dare to do the same, and tell us why all the warts are worth it.

Revolutionizing Intimacy. 10:00am

Tziporah Kingsbury

Tziporah Kingsbury, founder of the Soulful Relating Institute™, is a groundbreaking transformational leader, intimacy expert and relationship mentor known as "The Bachelor's Love Guru".

THE MYSTICAL MAP TO YOUR ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT: How to Actualize Your Highest Destiny in 18 (R)evolutionary Steps 10:20am 

Christina Sophia Stellarum

We are leaders of the New Earth, and yet we often feel like we don't have the map. When Christina was shown a vision of her Highest Destiny, it was so big, she knew she had no idea how to actualize it. Over the course of seven years, a systematic MAP of our evolutionary path was revealed to her. Join Christina for a journey through the stars, from enlightenment to embodiment, and discover the trail guide to your soul's ultimate fulfillment.

The Wanting of Sexuality. 11:10am

Dr. Juliana Morris

As innate as wondering why we are here on Earth, we are often drawn to thoughts, longings, questions and introspection of our sex lives and sexuality. This is because sexuality is our essence and our core. We want pleasure, we want connection and we want fulfillment in all areas of our lives and this wanting is particularly powerful within our sexual selves. We need a reframe of our sexuality education for the generations coming up behind us and a healing reconceptualization of our sexuality for all of us in adulthood.

Sound Bath. 11:50am

Sound Bath - Kristen Firpo

Kristen uses sound to shift energy in your body to a desired state, this could be to raise energy and relieve ‘fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion’ or it could be to ‘relax, calm down and get grounded’. The results leave people feeling balanced, focused and clear in their mind and body.

Wednesday, Nov 23rd, 2016

Take Back Your Life, 9:20am

Wendy Ida

You'll discover how to stay motivated to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE and leverage it to achieve true transformation. Known as “America’s #1 Expert on Looking Fit, Fierce & Fabulous after 40”, Wendy is an internationally recognized Best Selling Author, Speaker, TV Host, Life Transformation Coach and Fitness Expert. 

Surprise Presentation. 10:00am

Special Guest

Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning playwright, performer, and activist, is the author of The Vagina Monologues, and the founder of the global movements - One Billion Rising and V-Day. 

Expert Panel. 10:20am

Special Guest

One Billion Rising. 11:10am

Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning playwright, performer, and activist, is the author of The Vagina Monologues, and the founder of the global movements - One Billion Rising and V-Day. 

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Stripping Back to Your Truth. 


Kate O'Brien

What would it be like to live from your truth in a whole new way. What might open up if you were willing to be with and own whats there? This powerful conversation is for all women who are hungry for deep permission regardless of the fear that whispers from the background. 

Learning to Live FullyRaw: Using Diet to Heal & Transform You from the Inside Out. 9:40am

Kristina Carrillo - Bucaram

Learn how Kristina overcame diabetes, healed herself through her diet, starting and running the country's largest running organic co-op and going to college as a raw vegan. 

Fierce Love. 10:00am

Audra Baker

Join me on an energetic journey to discover the level at which you can give love to others is equal to the capacity at which you can actually give it to yourself. From committed self care, to fierce body acceptance, to a deep inner respect, you will instantly feel a transformation that will take you to next-level-love for yourself and for your tribe.

When Women Walk With Their Light. 10:20am

Jami Young

Chaos, strife, and struggle can be powerful teachers if we’re open to receiving the gifts they offer. In this candid and compelling account, Jami Young explains how a painful past can be transformed into an enlightened path when we step fully into our power, call on our courage, and unconditionally honour our deepest truths. When we commit to leading and loving from a place of greater daring, desire, and devotion, our lives become powerful forces for change and contribution in our communities and the world.

Why the World Needs Your Mythic Self Now. 10:40am

Phoenix Muranetz

In this honest and experiential Prayerformance, Phoenix shares personal accounts of rising from abuse, fear, and self-doubt to awakening to her innate powers and on her personal experiences communicating with Divine Intelligence about the current age of the Awakening Feminine force.  Bringing you through a journey in how to harness the magic of your hidden power, her insights taken from communicating with the unseen world unfold into how to allow your deepest hidden gifts to emerge, and how to unleash the wild, bold, and feminine essence within you for ultimate fulfillment, expanded power, and trust with yourself. 

One Billion Rising. 11:10am

Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler, Tony Award winning playwright, performer, and activist, is the author of The Vagina Monologues, and the founder of the global movements - One Billion Rising and V-Day. Watch as she shares her personal stories and insights behind her devotion to helping create a world where women are safe. 

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Expert Panel. 9:20am

Experts & Special Guests

Founder of Ignite Me Now, Melissa is an award-winning motivational speaker, coach, and co-founder of The Awakened Woman Conference.

The Queen Mother Within: Spirituality, Sovereignty & Conscious Motherhood. 10:00am

Catarina Andrade

Catarina draws on ancient wisdom and her personal Queen Mother journey to address common questions awakened women face when they choose the spiritual path of conscious motherhood.

Feminine Leadership: 3 keys to Ignite, Influence and Increase Productivity. 10:20am

Melissa Mackey

Founder of Ignite Me Now, Melissa is an award-winning motivational speaker, coach, and co-founder of The Awakened Woman Conference. She will share her three keys of Feminine Leadership to Ignite, Influence and Increase Productivity.

Want to be a double D, too?


Dr. Serena Wadhwa 

Focusing on how doing things differently makes a difference, Dr. Wadhwa will share about her personal experiences and how her life transformed after developing a life and soul mission statement.  

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Your Event


Lany Sullivan

There are so many details to know and remember when planning an event. Lany covers the pitfalls that she commonly sees business owners and event creators run into.

TRUE: The extraordinary power of speaking your truth in life, love and business. 11:50am

KC Baker

KC shares honest revelations and stories from her own journey about deepening into, following and speaking her truth, as well as a treasure trove of uncommon insights - all gleaned from her own quest and while supporting thousands of women around the world - about how to move beyond self doubt, fear and resistance to speak up and contribute to our world.

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Living Your Purpose. 9:20am

Dr. Carli Axford

Dr. Carli Axford has lived and worked all over the world, including the UK, United States, Asia and Australia. She is a qualified chiropractor, retreat facilitator, meditation leader, and breath-work specialist who leads workshops about creating balance and living healthy lives.

Why do we feel that our shadow is constantly sabotaging us?


Monica Pelayo

Why do we feel that our shadow is constantly sabotaging us? Ignoring the shadow, it often becomes a subconscious saboteur in our lives. Join us in this live Q & A with Phoenix Muranetz as we explore the power in listening to the messages our shadows are trying to communicate and the gifts our shadows have to offer.

Divine Embodiment. 10:00am

Elizabeth Stomp

Learn what it means to fully 'live from an awakened heart'; which is the understanding, normalizing and integration of your mystical and divine self into your humanity. Elizabeth Stomp is a Spiritual Midwife and Modern Mystic. In addition, she is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Speaker.

How To Secure Yourself A TV Segment With No Media Contacts


Heather DeSantis

You can land a TV interview several times a month to expose your brand. Open the doorway to national media for your brand. Double or even triple your sales by getting in front of more eyeballs and bringing more credibility to your business. Look good on TV, so you get more media like, Radio, Podcasts, and national magazines.


Alexi Panos

We're entering a new phase of humanity, which requires a new kind of leader. Learn the essential components of what it takes to lead in a new world.

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